About Us

Eavesdropping Detections Solutions® (EDS) is a business division of Corporate Business Insight and Awareness (CBIA), South Africa’s oldest company specialising exclusively in business counterintelligence services and training.

EDS is the most experienced and the best equipped TSCM survey team on the African continent. We are one of the leading TSCM service providers in the international TSCM community. We have the latest and the most advanced detection equipment available for all types of assignments.

EDS is also one of the Cyber TSCM™ pioneers. We have been offering a full cyber countermeasures survey service since 2013.

Eavesdropping Detection Solutions® (EDS) offers a complete cyber technical surveillance countermeasures programme. Cyber TSCM™ is part of cybersecurity and the right technical controls are critical to an effective cybersecurity programme. Any form of inaction could lead to a risk of operation disruption, intellectual property loss, public embarrassment and reduced trust in an organisation’s ability to protect its information.

To counter technical surveillance threats in the cyber world is not an easy task. TSCM has become much more complicated and requires a whole new approach and an array of new and appropriate equipment, training and lots of new experience to make a meaning full contribution to cybersecurity. We have reached a point where prospective service providers either have it or not. There is no longer any space in the modern cyber world for TSCM service providers who are stuck in yesteryear following old and outdated approaches.

The threats are real and here. We gladly assist security and risk managers to implement their Cyber TSCM™ programmes. It is a top priority! How long can a business survive without a trusted, stable and reliable technical surveillance countermeasures programme? Company executives cannot operate without privacy and secure information systems.

One can just imagine what will happen if competitors have access to a company’s sensitive information or what will happen if shareholders and investors lose confidence in a company because the company does not safeguard its sensitive information and systems against technical surveillance attacks.

EDS is the only company in South Africa and one of a few in the World that has developed a unique cyber technical surveillance countermeasures capability and a dedicated TSCM training centre.

We are at the dawn of various cyber technical surveillance risks and many organisations have gaps in their cyber technical surveillance countermeasures risk management programmes. An attack can happen through a single vulnerability. We make a positive contribution to ensure that there are no gaps in the cyber technical surveillance countermeasures programmes of organisations.

Our Cyber TSCM™ services offering is not for everybody. It is specifically aimed at high level corporate security, risk and information security executives that have the responsibility to safeguard their organisations.

We have distinctive capabilities, proficiency and the best equipment, not available to other service providers, to counter the most modern GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber based threats.

Our integrity has been demonstrated in numerous requests and client satisfaction. We have a reputation for quality, integrity and trust. Clients are actively using us as we go about our business in an ethical and legal manner. We’ve made ethics a cornerstone of our sustainability and adhere to high professional standards.
We have our own fully equipped TSCM Training Academy in Centurion, South Africa. (See our training section)

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