Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Eavesdropping Detections Solutions® (EDS) is a business division of Corporate Business Insight and Awareness (CBIA), South Africa’s oldest company specialising exclusively in business counterintelligence services, equipment sales and training.

EDS was founded in 1995 and is the most experienced and best equipped TSCM survey team on the African continent. We have the latest and most advanced detection equipment to counter the most modern GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber based threats.

We are one of the leading recognised TSCM service providers in the international TSCM community. EDS have been offering TSCM countermeasures survey services and international training since 1995. Our personnel are experienced, qualified and internationally trained. EDS provide TSCM training worldwide.

Our customers include government departments, corporate clients and anybody that have a need and responsibility to protect sensitive information.

We have made ethics a cornerstone of our sustainability and adhere to high professional standards. EDS have a reputation for quality, integrity and trust.