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Information is extremely valuable…yet many organisations do very little to protect its proprietary information. It can be intercepted and stolen as it is transmitted through telephone, cell phone, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and fax communication or even through regular office/boardroom conversations.

If you suspect that your company is the target of technical surveillance, please do not discuss our services or communicate with us from an office, telephone, fax or computer that you fear may have been targeted. Use a safe telephone away from the premises. If you would like to receive a quotation for our services please complete the online questionnaire or download it, and e-mail or fax it to us from a safe fax or contact mail address.

Eavesdropping Detection Solutions® (EDS) is a formidable ally to all business organisations and companies in the protection of their confidential and sensitive information. We offer professional Cyber TSCM™technical surveillance countermeasures survey services to check and protect offices, boardrooms, telephones and other areas where sensitive discussions are regularly held from illegal eavesdropping. We have a trained technical team with sophisticated equipment for various assignments.

We offer a complete package and help you secure venues when you go outside of the safety of your office environment to conference and other areas to discuss sensitive company issues. We secure the venue prior to your event and monitor your meetings in real time for any changes in the environment and radio frequency (RF) spectrum. We secure your holiday house or hotel rooms whilst on vacation or taking a working holiday.

Regular inspections are smart as well as necessary to protect information before an attack occurs. In this regard the old saying, prevention is better than cure, is especially true.

The last decade has seen huge innovations in IT, communication devices, new terminology, the miniaturisation of devices and how these can be applied for eavesdropping purposes.

To keep pace with all these changes, TSCM service providers have to innovate and to adapt to stay relevant. TSCM service providers must mix and match and to try out various equipment combinations (sometimes from non-TSCM related equipment manufacturers) to find workable solutions to counter the growing scale of electronic surveillance threats that has moved onto the GSM and Wi-Fi networks.

We conduct the following tests during a survey:

  • Radio Frequency Scan – a search for surveillance devices that transmit information via radio frequencies (RF). The analysis should cover the spectrum up to 24 GHz;

  • Telephone and Communication Tests – various tests are performed to test telephone instruments, telephone lines, telephone and server closets, audio and video conferencing systems and other cables in the survey area(s);

  • Physical Inspection – physical checks of the ceiling areas, electrical plugs, sockets, light switches, crawl spaces, under-floor cavities and openings with a variety of equipment. TSCM equipment aiding in the physical inspection is a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD), a thermal imaging camera and a TSCM inspection tool kit;

  • Cyber/IT TSCM Tests – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM networks are scanned for unknown or rogue devices that could utilise these communication mediums as conduits to get information out of sensitive areas.

We have extensive verifiable experience and training in technical surveillance countermeasures and counterintelligence and regularly work with international technical countermeasures specialists.

Trained personnel perform the eavesdropping detection surveys for our clients.

* Our registered trade mark in South Africa

"Outwit and outmanoeuvre electronic eavesdroppers by using our inspection services on a regular basis"

Conference Monitoring and Countermeasures Sweeps for Executive Events

Many company executives prefer to have their annual strategic planning sessions, team building and other important meetings away from the office environment. These events usually take place at luxury hotels, lodges and resorts. The security perimeter, access control, firewalls and other protection that is in place at the office is usually not in place at these outside venues.

It is much easier for a would be spy to place a bug or a listening device in an outside meeting room than at the office building where there is strict security and access control.

We work with your security team to ensure that your company has privacy and security from any form of electronic monitoring. We survey the meeting rooms prior to the meetings for listening or video devices or any other way in which your sensitive information could be lost or stolen. Equipment in the meeting rooms can be modified to allow room conversation to be picked up or recorded outside of the room areas.

We provide real-time monitoring of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum whilst you conduct your sensitive meetings to monitor for any unauthorised or undeclared RF activity emanating from the meeting area(s).

Many times information from the conference venue is transmitted to areas outside of the conference venue by the executives themselves when they make use of the unsecured wireless audio systems at the conference venues.

This proactive approach will ensure the confidentiality of sensitive company information when outside of the safety of the company walls.

We conduct physical post meeting inspections to ensure that no confidential information is left behind.

We ensure that you have a secure environment for your special meetings and activities.

On completion of the survey we provide a verbal report of the findings of the survey followed by a detailed written report.

The written report is a clear and concise record of the work that EDS performed. It includes a description of the areas investigated, the inspection methodology, the equipment and procedures employed, the findings, observations and recommendations, supported by radio frequency maps, logical GSM and Wi-Fi scan information signals detected and evaluated, photographs and other supporting material.

In South Africa the report can also be used to show compliance with information security requirements such as prescribed and recommended in the King 111 guidelines.

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If you would like to receive a quotation for our services please complete the online questionnaire or download it, and e-mail or fax it to us from a safe fax or contact mail.

We have the most advanced and complete sets of TSCM equipment on the African continent. We are unrivalled regarding our skills, training, capabilities and equipment inventory.