Survey Quotation Worksheet

We would appreciate it if you could please complete the worksheet to enable us to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for a high level eavesdropping detection survey at your premises.

In order to provide an accurate quotation we require information about your offices, boardrooms and other areas, their sizes, the type of telephones and other communication systems utilised in these areas. Each assignment is unique and the requirements vary from client to client.

Larger areas take longer to survey as we sweep all six sides of an area, the four walls as well as the ceiling and floor areas. A boardroom with conferencing communications equipment, telephones, speaker phones, Wi-Fi, etc., takes longer to survey than a boardroom with just the minimum or no equipment.

    About Your Organisation

    The Survey Area

    Number of:

    Approximate Size of the above Areas (In square meters)

    This helps us to plan our inspection and the size of the team we have to deploy to conduct your survey)
    We cannot provide a quotation without this information

    Wi-Fi System and Wireless LAN

    Is there a Wi-Fi map available of the area(s) that has to be scanned?

    Are there any Internet of Things (IoT) devices operating in the survey areas?

    Vehicles and craft are scanned for listening, video and tracking devices

    Suspicious activities, circumstances, workmen on premises, renovations on premises, special concerns or instructions


    Do not talk about your suspicions in the office(s) or your decision to contact a TSCM service provider(s) for a quotation(s). You do not know who may be involved!

    The initial inspection is usually conducted after normal working hours with no or few office personnel on the premises.

    If you are unsure how to complete the survey questionnaire we will gladly schedule a walk-through of your premises with you.